My Post-Holiday Addictions

So… I discovered a few things after the end of the holidays, going into the New Year.

First, there was Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  It was a Christmas present, as I mentioned before.  And I mentioned I have a history, and a love-love relationship, with Zelda games in the past.  (There are several I may never have finished, but I loved playing them even when I didn’t beat them.)

Well, from the moment I fired up Twilight Princess, it was love-at-first-sight-all-over-again.  I was lost.  For hours.

What is it about Zelda games that so  unfailingly capture my heart and attention?  Is the comforting familiarity of a new adventure with a new-but-really-the-same Link and a new-but-really-the-same Zelda?  Is it the exciting new ways to retell the same story?  Is it just an overpowering sense of nostalgia that erupts in my heart whenever I start humming the original Zelda Theme in my head (and do at the start of every Zelda game, even if the one I’m playing eschews that theme?  I’m looking at you, Ocarina of Time, with all your wonderful, series-defining tunes except the original theme!)  (P.S. Orchestrating it only makes me salivate more.)  (Point being: you want to brighten my day?  Start humming the opening bars of the Zelda theme.)  Whatever it is, it’s like a drug.  I can’t not be in love with a Zelda game.

I had two or three sessions with Twilight Princess before I knew I had to put it away for a while, or I’d never get any writing done.  I’m still working out a reward scheme mechanism whereby I permit myself a play session after I’ve completed a certain amount of work on the book.  I haven’t settled on a firm line-in-the-sand amount that I need to do to get some Zelda time, but it’ll probably be something like 3,000 words or 4,000 words – to encourage me to exceed my proposed 2,000-words-per-week minimum.  But I’m holding off until I finish the outline, anyway.

What else did I discover after the holidays?

Cinnamon M&Ms.

Or should I call them Crack-flavored M&Ms?  Because it’s basically the same thing.

These I discovered on a trip to the store trolling for some post-holiday 50%+ off holiday merchandise deals.  You know, when the retailers go in a mad scramble to clear the Christmasy-stuff off the shelves because they have to start stocking up for Valentine’s Day.  And there they were on the left-over Christmas candy aisle.  Beckoning me.  I had never seen such a thing before.  I had to try it!

I grabbed like ten bags.  You know, the big 10-oz bags, not the snack-size bags.  Then I put all but two back.  Because, hello greedy.  Then Dear Wife and I tried them.  And it was like, whoa…

Why have I never heard of these before?

If that’s because they’re new then Why have these not existed before?

Dear Wife went back to the store herself a couple days later, as we were obviously experiencing withdrawal symptoms by that point.  She came back with ten bags.  No joke.

Since then, I’ve tried to be a little more judicious in my consumption of these, as I do not desire to experience said withdrawal symptoms again, and who knows how long it will be before we see Cinnamon M&Ms on the shelves again…