Making It Work: The Financial Life of a Neo-Pro Author

Author Myke Cole (Shadow Ops: Control Point, an urban fantasy book about military special ops in a post-return-of-magic Earth) recently blogged about how he stretches his finances and makes things work on the income of a first-time author.  His post was very instructive, and you should read it here.

The points that stand out to me:

  • He’s living a very spartan life.  Not just “no cable” spartan (Dear Wife and I live without cable, for example) but “no TV” spartan.  Run-down appartment spartan.  No car spartan. 
  • He’s single
  • He lives in a dangerous urban area in a run-down appartment, which he makes work by being a physically imposing individual (seriously, check out the author photo on his bio page: he’s significantly more ripped than your average doughy author (yours truly included – I’m fairly thin but I’m all bone and squishy bits, and you’d be forgiven for laughing if I tried to “flex my muscles” for I have none to speak of)), meaning nobody messes with him
  • He makes healthcare work by being a military Reservist

I think about the finances thing a lot. Continue reading