Writing Progress: Two Weeks Ending December 31, 2011

The Holidays went about as expected, writing wise.  Wrapping up the year 2011 and the two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s, here’s how I did:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 543 words

Grand Total: 543 words

I barely even turned on a computer over the Holidays, so in many ways this is better than I expected.  In fact, I wouldn’t even have written this much if I hadn’t come down with what I think was a case of food poisoning in time for Christmas Eve.  (I was better by Christmas Day, mostly.)  So whereas I would’ve preferred to spend the day out-and-about with family, instead I was bed-bound for half the day.  Naturally, with a laptop as my only companion, I spent some time writing.

I focused on more character notes this go-round, writing the history of the co-protagonist.  I haven’t finished his history, yet, to the point of the beginning of the story, but what I have done gives me a few interesting story hooks and points-of-conflict with the main protagonist.  I’m not sure, yet, how I’ll resolve those points-of-conflict so the two can work together.  But it should keep things interesting.

As for the main outline, I’m still semi-stalled at the point which I’m calling “Chapter 10” where I realized I needed to stop and work out some character and world-building issues.  I spend a little time each day thinking about the world-building questions raised by the plot turn I had planned – what the implications of it are, and how it can be – but so far I’ve not answered those questions for myself satisfactorily.  But I’m getting closer to figuring it out, I think.

Now that the Holidays are over, I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle and putting some words down.  This week won’t be spectacular, wordcount-wise, but hopefully I’ll start building some momentum.

That’s how writing has been around these parts.  How has it gone in your neck of the woods?