Writing Progress: Week Ending November 26, 2011

Like I said last week… I’ve struggled to get over 2,000 words per week, which used to be about my average.  I’m guessing the average has gone down by now.  Still… I came so close.

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 1,871 words

Grand Total: 1,871 words

Funny enough, I probably could have done a good amount more writing if not for the holiday weekend, maybe an extra 400 to 600 words this week.  I’ve said this before about holidays, but it bears repeating: you’d think holidays would be good for my writing productivity, but in fact almost all of the “free time” opened by holidays is usually taken up by other, holiday-related activities.  Time with family appreciating and enjoying the holiday is not time spent writing.  Sometimes holidays entail travel, too.  Travel time is not writing time.  And my laptop is so large, it usually doesn’t accompany us when we travel – it’s portable only in the loosest sense of the word, but that’s because when I got it I needed a desktop replacement more than I needed portability.  When we don’t travel (which is rare on the holidays right now), there’s usually so much to do around the house that the available time vacuum is filled quickly and without remorse. 

And so it was that when I was thinking, earlier in the week, “Surely I can find time over the weekend to write another 400 or so words and break my sub-2,000 drought” that, in fact, I was not able to.  Other things took precedence. Continue reading