Writing Progress: Week Ending November 5, 2011

Another slow week on the writing front, but I’ve got an excuse!

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 1,472 words

Grand Total: 1,472 words

I had the time to write this week… but I didn’t spend as much of it writing as normally I would have.  That’s because on several days where I would’ve had good writing time I was reading instead.  I finished up a book this week (I’ll be talking about it more sometime this week or next), and I’d hit the “must finish this now” stage.  I enjoyed the book – with caveats – but I’ll save the details on all that for later.

Writing-wise, I don’t have much to say. The time I spent writing went okay, but I had  no major insights or new thoughts… Just chugging along.

I could say a little about how, as I continue with worldbuilding and background notes… I find that the world I’ve created just increases in complexity each time I sit down to write.  There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of this story.  Enough that I’ve come to suspect that, if I put some thought into it, I’ve got enough to support a second novel in this world if I choose to.  My plan was always for this to be stand-alone, and so far that’s still my plan.  But I can see value in producing a second book in this world at some point. 

Regardless, this novel will have a complete plot – a beginning, middle and end – and you won’t have to read a second novel to get the rest of the story.  But there’s certainly room in this world for more stories.  For now, though, I don’t worry about it too much.  I can come back to it later, after I’ve figured this novel out.

How was your writing week?

6 thoughts on “Writing Progress: Week Ending November 5, 2011

  1. The part about having a complete novel, beginning-middle-end, and yet leaving things open for future novels, is a very important skill. That what caused me to shelve my last WIP — too difficult to get it going really elegantly without saying, “Hey, read this other novel first.” Now, I have an idea of how to do it better (basically: same characters, different setting), but I’m just ruminating on that one while I work on the mystery stories.

    I’m 88% of the way through marking up my WIP (the mystery story book), with 201 notes made so far. The thought of making 200+ corrections all at once is daunting (because of the tedium), so I think I will go story-by-story.

    • To be fair in my point about individual books with independent beginnings, middles, and ends… while I think there’s something good to be said for this format, writing books of this nature is not the be-all and end-all of my writing career plans. Indeed, I’ve thoughts/plans/ideas for large, multi-volume continuous epics, wherein the full story is spread out across several books. But at this stage in my career (i.e. the basically undiscovered stage, wherein I’m not much of anybody worthy of note in the writing world, and with professional publishing credits to my name that can be counted on one hand with most of the finger chopped off), I think it makes the most sense. Why should readers trust me to deliver the goods on a long, continuous multivolume plot arc? I’ve yet to prove I can do it in a single book. So at the early stages of my career I figure I’ll focus more on these sorts of single-volume or very short multi-volume (i.e. duologies and trilogies) books.

  2. I took the same approach to my novel. I’d like it to be able to be read standalone but also part of a series if it comes to it. I’ve always had plans for at least a sequel, and at most 2 more to make it a trilogy.

    Not much on the writing front from me. Taking care of other business, and obsessing over writing a good query.

  3. I had a minor breakthrough in fixing the outline structure of my WIP and was able to return to drafting new chapters. I managed a full chapter or ~3100 words in two days’ writing at the end of the week. On Saturday, I hit my personal best daily word count of 2500 words. It took me 3-4 hours, but it was obviously time well spent.

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