Writing Progress: Week Ending November 5, 2011

Another slow week on the writing front, but I’ve got an excuse!

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 1,472 words

Grand Total: 1,472 words

I had the time to write this week… but I didn’t spend as much of it writing as normally I would have.  That’s because on several days where I would’ve had good writing time I was reading instead.  I finished up a book this week (I’ll be talking about it more sometime this week or next), and I’d hit the “must finish this now” stage.  I enjoyed the book – with caveats – but I’ll save the details on all that for later.

Writing-wise, I don’t have much to say. The time I spent writing went okay, but I had  no major insights or new thoughts… Just chugging along.

I could say a little about how, as I continue with worldbuilding and background notes… I find that the world I’ve created just increases in complexity each time I sit down to write.  There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of this story.  Enough that I’ve come to suspect that, if I put some thought into it, I’ve got enough to support a second novel in this world if I choose to.  My plan was always for this to be stand-alone, and so far that’s still my plan.  But I can see value in producing a second book in this world at some point. 

Regardless, this novel will have a complete plot – a beginning, middle and end – and you won’t have to read a second novel to get the rest of the story.  But there’s certainly room in this world for more stories.  For now, though, I don’t worry about it too much.  I can come back to it later, after I’ve figured this novel out.

How was your writing week?