Tidbits of Inspiration: Pictures of the Post-Apocalyptic… Abandoned Places

Dystopia.  Post-apocalyptica.  Themes from the-end-of-the-world have been a part of genre fiction for a long time.  I’m sure it says something about us, our fascination with our own demise. 

If you’ve been spending any time thinking about the inevitable zombie apocalypse – or maybe the inevitable saurian uprising, or perhaps that’s the inevitable robot rebellion, or the inevitable alien invasion, or what-have-you for inevitable eschatologies – maybe you’ll find some inspiration in this collection of images.

First, there’s these ten abandoned resorts.  I certainly found them evocative and inspirational.  It helps that the book I’m working on has shades of the post-apocalyptic in it.

Equally evocative is this collection of images of modern ruins.  There’s some overlap with the previous list, but a lot of new and eerie sights as well.