Writing Progress: Week Ending October 22, 2011

I expected this, but last week was a very poor week, wordcount-wise:

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 462 words

Grand Total: 462 words

As I mentioned in a bit of a throwaway line last week, I expected my productivity to take a steep dive for a little while, and this is the realization of that expectation.  I mentioned in that post that I was starting on a a non-writing-related projec that I expected to consume a lot of my time – and it has.

The project is sort of off-topic for this blog, but basically it involves some redecorating, house work, and yard clean-up at the Casa Chez Watkins.  Mundane stuff, but necessary, and time-consuming.  I expect it will consume most or all of my writing time for this week, as well, so I anticipate a similarly low-ball week, writing-wise.

Sometimes life intervenes.  You can’t help that.  You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do when it happens.

Life intervenes for me a lot.  And I wonder if I ought to have a more regular or more consistent writing schedule.  Say even if I then only get to write one or two days a week, if that time is set aside, agreed-upon beforehand… would I fare better?

Dear Wife and I talked about this a little last week, relating to my post on productivity, and we discussed whether it would be better for me to set aside a single, longer stretch of time each week, to allow me to be really productive in that one burst.  I think I’ll angle for two such nights per week.  But even so… a dedicated night or two or three per week is always still subservient to regular daily needs (dishes don’t do themselves – even with a dishwasher, the house doesn’t clean itself, lunch doesn’t make itself, and so on) and these sorts of larger family and home projects. 

After we get out of this home project, Dear Wife and I may revisit that question… or first I might just try and see what productivity I can get doing things the way we did before.  For this coming week, though, I’ve no other expectations.  There’s other work do be done, still.

So, how was your writing week?


10 thoughts on “Writing Progress: Week Ending October 22, 2011

    • I’ve heard that writing early in the morning works for a lot of writers who have day jobs, and I’ve considered it myself. But the thing is… I am just not a morning person. I’m not at my peak at that time of day, and mentally I’m just not totally with it when I first wake up. It takes me a few hours to get my brain revved and ready for the day. But for those that can do it, it sounds like a great way to make writing work.

  1. I work very hard at writing something every day. It is a formidable feat to achieve. I think it is for all of us. One great writer said that you should devote four to six hours a day to writing or reading. That is a great idea. It is one I will definitely take up when (I didn’t say if) I am able to make writing my full time living. I am sure you will, too. In the meantime, this thing called raising a family and making a living kind of gets in the way of that.

    As for my week, I finished Gangillo and put it on my blog for all to destroy with their ever sharp and ever needed criticism.


    • Yes, I agree that writing every day is both formidable and a worthwhile goal. At my current point in life, that’s not possible. I’m just glad to have gone from “not writing at all”, which is mostly what I did while working on my Master’s degree while working full time, to “writing a few days a week”. It’s about all I can manage now. It’s not enough, but I have to be satisfied with less, because I’ve got that whole “making a living” and “raising a family” thing going on. I think there are a lot of us in situations like that. So while I agree with the principle that great writer espoused – spending 4 to 6 hours per day writing or reading – I don’t think it’s feasible for everyone. If I can get to a point in my life where I’m supporting my family from my writing, I can see that being realistic – heck, if I were writing full time as my primary income source I’d feel compelled to give writing a full-time job’s worth of attention. But it’s a long-term goal, not a short-term reality.

  2. Working on rewrites of my book. Ten short stories (down from 14, yay!), all of which I’ve gone over and over before now (and all of which are available online).

    I’ve put them together in one file and am reviewing it on my Kindle. In 25% of the way through and I’ve found around 100 things to comment on, mostly punctuation and grammar (and a few reminders to myself). There’s nothing like impending print publication to focus the attention and reveal all the little problems.

  3. Finished my novel Friday afternoon! *boisterous cheers* And just in the knick of time, because gosh knows my productivity will plummet this week; I’ve got a friend in from out of town, and goofing around with my guest takes priority.
    In summary, happiness all around. (:

  4. I know that at least for me, I need some momentum. Almost daily (I do need day’s off) writing helps, even if it’s just a paragraph or two scribbled down during lunch break.

    Been enjoying a bit of a break, while I getting ready to start the query rounds. This is an entirely new thing for me, and I’ll see how that goes. It’s rather nerve wracking 😉 I’d rather be writing!

    • Ugh. I know that query-thing is in my future, but I dread it. This is where irrational newbie author fears of secret-handshakes and shibboleths come into play. There’s so much pressure to get the query right because who knows if they’ll even read your sample or outline if they decide right on the first page of your query that you missed some crucial “x” component and reject the whole package. Maybe that fear is irrational… but it’s pretty common, and I must admit I share it. So good luck with that!

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