Writing Progress: Week Ending September 24, 2011

This week the big writing news was hitting the end of the second draft on “Story of G”:

Story of G:

  • New Draft Wordcount: 28 net new words
  • Other Notes Wordcount: 0 words

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words

Grand Total: 28 words

Wordcount-wise, doesn’t seem like a big week.  But it’s a good feeling to hit the end of a draft and call it a wrap.  So, I celebrated by finishing that puzzle I was working on with dear Wife.  I didn’t think to take pictures of the puzzle until after we’d disassembled it… But for those interested, it was the underwater food landscape seen on this page.

This week, I’ll be cleaning up the second draft – which added quite a lot of new material – polishing it off and sending it off.  I’ve got about 5 days to make this thing happen by the September 30th deadline.  No pressure!

Actually, really, no pressure.  If I miss the deadline, it just resets for the following quarter.  It’s sort of arbitrary that I’ve chosen to have it ready for this quarter.

After polishing of “Story of G” draft 3, it’s back to “Book of M”.  I’ve got a long way to go on “Book of M”, and I’m way behind.  I intend to get all of my background, history, character notes, and plot outline done within the next two weeks, so that I can start on that actual first draft of the book.  Originally, when I started this project, I’d hoped to have a first draft done by June or July of next year.  Currently… I’m not sure I see that as feasible.  Maybe by August.  And I’m going to have to bust my but to get those background, character notes, and plot outline done over the next two weeks.

Regardless… while I’m excited about the work I’ve done on “Story of G” – and the positive feedback it’s received so far – I’m really eager and excited to get back to “Book of M” and to get started with the actual book.  I’m excited about the story, and about writing a novel.  At heart, I am and have always been a novelist.  It shows in my short stories – which inevitably turn into novelettes.  I look forward to a work with a more diverse cast of characters, multiple viewpoints, and multiple themes.  I look forward to more fully exploring the subplots.  (That’s part of what happened on “Story of G” in the second draft… I followed a thread on a certain subplot because I saw an opportunity there to tie it in to the main plot and explain an important concept within the context of that subplot without info-dumping.  I think it worked.)

At some point… I’m just going to want to talk about “Book of M” so bad that I’m going to burst… just to say what it is and why it’s going to be so awesome.

Save it for the query letter… save it for the query letter…

Well, that’s my writing week in a nutshell.  How about you?

10 thoughts on “Writing Progress: Week Ending September 24, 2011

  1. As I think I mentioned, I’m putting my mystery stories into a book. But there was one missing piece, a mystery that really didn’t work because it required readers to have read my second novel in advance. And that novel is 170,000+ words, so that’s clearly not a reasonable requirement in order to read a mystery story. But a later story depended on that one, so I couldn’t just chuck it out.

    This week I came up with another story to fill that slot, and I wrote some of it (handwritten, no idea of word count). So, a good week, like replacing the one cracked brick in a house. Doesn’t seem huge, but it strengthens the whole structure.

    Did you get my comments on your story?

    • Well… actually… I finished a short story, rather than a book. A long short story (technically a “novelette”, which by definition basically means “a really long short story”), but still a far-cry from a novel. I’ve yet to get to the meat and bones of my next novel.

  2. This week my efforts have felt scattered. I was more productive earlier in the week, and then later…lots of family stuff was going on, not all of it good. It was emotionally draining and really sapped my energy to do writing in the later half of the week. But we did have a positive family experience on Saturday celebrating my grandmother’s 75th birthday. (It was a surprise, and boy, was she surprised!) I almost forgot about this, too, and was planning to do some editing, but that didn’t happen.

    So while I was glad to see the extended family…it also left me exhausted and not wanting to do anything the rest of that night or the next day. -__- We always host these kinds of events at our house and I wonder if they even realize how much work that is… Not like we just have a few friends over, oh no. More like 25-30 people. Sometimes more. (And I’m a serious introvert, so spending hours with that many people over is just…crazy.)

    Oh yeah, and we did all the cooking.

    • Wow. Even for a non-introvert, I imagine that kind of family obligation would leave one physically exhausted, at the least (even if they were not emotionally/mentally drained as well). For myself, even when my mind is firing on all cylinders, if I’m physically worn out, I’m not much good for writing. I just need some sleep. Well, good luck in the week to come, then!

    • Oh sounds that like my family! There’s no such thing as a small party… always people to feed, and usually at my parent’s house. LOL It’s both awesome, and fun, and a lot of work. It’s exhausting.

      ERM but ok back to updates? Last week I believe I got only 2 chapters done. It was pretty poor work wise, but life stuff gets in the way sometimes!

      YAY to finishing the story 😉 It’s always a huge relief to get there. Maybe you could share a few details about the book of M to us? Nothing to give it away… but your thoughts.

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