Writing Progress: Week Ending September 24, 2011

This week the big writing news was hitting the end of the second draft on “Story of G”:

Story of G:

  • New Draft Wordcount: 28 net new words
  • Other Notes Wordcount: 0 words

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0 words

Grand Total: 28 words

Wordcount-wise, doesn’t seem like a big week.  But it’s a good feeling to hit the end of a draft and call it a wrap.  So, I celebrated by finishing that puzzle I was working on with dear Wife.  I didn’t think to take pictures of the puzzle until after we’d disassembled it… But for those interested, it was the underwater food landscape seen on this page.

This week, I’ll be cleaning up the second draft – which added quite a lot of new material – polishing it off and sending it off.  I’ve got about 5 days to make this thing happen by the September 30th deadline.  No pressure!

Actually, really, no pressure.  If I miss the deadline, it just resets for the following quarter.  It’s sort of arbitrary that I’ve chosen to have it ready for this quarter. Continue reading