The Lights Went Out

Forgive me, dear readers, while I express my sorrow and frustration for a moment.

It’s good to know that lynching is alive and well in Georgia, the state in which I currently reside.

I’m being facetious.  It’s not good at all.  There’s something deeply and cynically wrong when we can, as a state, kill someone when there is so much uncertainty as to their actual guilt – and call that justice

I wasn’t opposed to the death penalty until today.  But the state has proven that it cannot be trusted with the power of death over its own citizens.

It feels trite to link it, but I’ve had this song going through my head for the past few days.  And I don’t even like country music.  Somehow, I really believed that at the last minute someone in a position of power would do the right thing.

Apologies again.  I’ll lay off the politics once more, at least until something else deeply outrageous happens.

4 thoughts on “The Lights Went Out

  1. Normally I loathe country music, but that song is particularly appropriate.

    I used to have mixed feeling about the death penalty, but reading about the Troy Davis case a few years ago turned me firmly against it. The fact that the man was still on death row after the key witnesses in his case changed their testimonies, the only evidence against him, was proof enough to me that prosecutors and judges care more about their own careers than justice or human life.

    • Yes, indeed. This case has convinced me not so much that death is never warranted but that the state and the judicial system, as an apparatus of “justice”, are insufficiently perfect in their application of that ideal to be trusted with that much power. Or, in other words, as long as our justice system is designed such that people who are probably not guilty can be convicted, then the state should never have the power to execute. I didn’t used to believe that way… but seeing them put an innocent man to death has soured me.

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