“Story of G” Draft 2: Complete

As of last night… the current draft of “Story of G” is now complete, at about 11,600 words.

That’s far longer than what I originally intended for this story.  I have a terrible habit, in that regard, and it’s been hard to break.  Even as I was deleting things I was adding a lot more new material.

I’ve planned another read-through to clean up this draft and get it presentable, but I’m hoping some of you Dear Readers will help me out with that task as well.  I don’t need much help, just a couple people who wouldn’t mind looking at this draft.  Last time I was mostly interested in story-craft: characterization, story-structure, plot, and so on.  I’m still a little interested in that – mostly because I still have some anxiety over many of the new scenes – but this time around I’m more interested in sentence structure, grammar, spelling, style, passive voice, showing and telling, and that sort of thing.

I’m sort of hoping for at least one person who’s seen the story before and one who hasn’t.  I’ve got one volunteer already, so I’m still taking applications.  😉

And thanks in advance, everyone!


7 thoughts on ““Story of G” Draft 2: Complete

  1. Wow! Sorry, I’m not able to volunteer to go over it for you, but congratulations anyhow!!! That’s a big step. Don’t worry about shooting past your mark. As the cliché goes, shoot for the moon, and if you miss you’ll hit a star. 😉

  2. I’d be interested. I’ve never read anything of yours, and I’m curious. I’ll warn you that I’m not a demon on passive voice and showing/telling (and filter words)– sometimes they bother me and sometimes not. I am more of a fanatic about grammar.

    • That’s okay, I’m not either. Although I will point out that I frequently use improper grammar in dialog, especially, on purpose. But it’s good to know, consciously, where I’ve done it so I can be sure I actually want to. Thanks!

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