Sometimes the Grass Isn’t Actually Greener…

Speaking of “lawn care” (which I mentioned had taken a small bite out of writing time this last week) I thought it not entirely inappropriate to post about this random bit of life that has recently intruded, since I’ve already previously talked about it.

So yeah… Back in May Dear Wife and I embarked on a mission to rehabilitate our sad lawn.  We saw early success, which I blogged about.  But today… what I see on my front lawn is an unmitigated disaster.

Grass is dying

The vast swath of brown that is now my front yard

What happened?

Well… drought.  And record heat in June.  And a few missed days of watering.

With those factors taking a whack at the lawn, the tender new shoots of fescue that we’d planted really didn’t stand a chance.  Added to that: we completely underestimated the aggressiveness of several particularly ugly varieties of crab grass.  now, what little green we have left comes in these scraggly, ragged, ugly clumps.

Le sigh

We are even now contemplating options for what we can do to fix this or reverse course.  But nothing more in the summer, while the temperatures are still high and the drought still in full swing.