Writing Progress: Week Ending August 27, 2011

It sure looks like someone dropped the ball… but what’s the real story?

Story of G:

  • New Draft Wordcount: 0 net new words 
  • Other Notes Wordcount: 0 words

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 321 words

Grand Total: 321 words

Well.  This was not the most incredibly prolifically stupendous writing week ever.  Ironic in a week when I post a massive block of text about long, doorstopper fantasies and the folks who write them.  But there is a little more than meets the eye, here.

On “Book of M”, I started experimenting with shifting into an “outline” format with the histories I’m writing.  I think it’s doable, but I’m going to have to adjust the methodology a little.  I covered a lot more ground in a lot fewer words… but interestingly it took me almost as long to write those words as it would’ve to write considerably more.  On the upside, yes it took me longer to write fewer words, but those fewer words covered a lot more ground than what I’d been doing with three times that number in wordcount. Continue reading