Writing Progress: Week Ending August 20, 2011

An interesting week, writing-wise:

Story of G:

  • New Draft Wordcount: 93 words 
  • Other Notes Wordcount: 717 words

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 1,335 words

Grand Total: 2,145 words

Back to something more like an “average” week of writing productivity, for me.  Of course, I’m trying to shift that “average” up a bit.  This week was a bit different, though, because I started the editing process on “Story of G”.  My wordcount there consists of notes I made to myself on changes I’m going to make to the story.  There’s a lot more work going on at this stage than what can be measured in the words I’ve written.  I’ve got some ideas, thanks especially to the feedback I’ve gotten already, on a few fairly significant changes to the structure of the story.  I’m excited about the new direction I’ll be taking it.  The “New Draft Wordcount” refers to the net add of words to the story this week – there were some new things added and some small bits taken out.  

Although I’ve worked out my plan for revising the story, however, I haven’t yet actually gotten to the largest part of the work I’ll be doing.  At least two major sections of the story will be undergoing heavy revisions – and most of those sections will likely end up the cutting-room floor.  In their place, however, will be several new parts of the story.  Net, I expect to add a good number of words, but it’s hard to gauge exactly how long the story will end up, at this point.  I’ll just have to get my hands dirty and do the work, and then we’ll see.

That all said… I would have gotten a lot more written this week – in both “The Story of G” and “The Book of M” if I hadn’t discovered that Google+ has games.  Oh yes.  It has games.  And it works better than on Facebook.  I advise you stay away.  Oh.  Did I mention, I’m now on Google+?  Let me know if you’re on it, too.  So far, my “Circles” are pretty small, but I’d love to add more of you guys to my Circles.

On the novel-writing front, I haven’t yet managed to pivot to the more immediate background that I talked about last week.  I just feel this need to at least finish the section of world history I’ve been working on.  Besides, I need to think about what that more immediate background stuff I should be working on instead even is.  Character notes, certainly.  (Except, of course, a lot of the characters are heavily influenced by stuff that goes back through all this world history I’ve been heretofore writing.)  Maybe some of the more recent bits of the history.  I’m not really sure.

The way I write is kind of funny, I guess.  I typically know the beginning and the ending right out.  Then I need to figure out the middle.  It’s been like that in writing the history.  I knew the ending: that’s where the main story actually starts.  I had to find a point some time further back to call the beginning.  And now I’m working my way up through the history from that somewhat arbitrary beginning point and discovering the middle – which is all the stuff that makes the ending – which is the beginning of the main story – what it is.

Which… gives me an idea.  I’ve been writing in a fairly detailed fashion.  Maybe, what I need to do, before I spend too much ink on the details of that history… is to outline it.  That’ll give me the framework to know roughly what happened in the past so that I can start filling in most of the details relating to my characters.

Hmm.  Well.  It’s worth a shot.  Either way… I’m not likely to have everything I feel that I need to have before my anticipated soft start date following Labor Day weekend.

Yikes.  How was your writing week?

4 thoughts on “Writing Progress: Week Ending August 20, 2011

  1. Revisions, revisions, revisions!

    I came across a scene I’d written which had some issues I wasn’t aware of at first, issues of plausibility. Got stumped, tried to rewrite it, wasn’t working…so I stepped back, stopped changing things and seriously thought about it. Eventually I figured out why it wasn’t working, but it means I’ll have to make some subtle changes as I go along for continuity’s sake.

    Which is fine, ’cause I haven’t gotten that far anyways, and nothing gets left unexamined or unimproved.

    Then I got to a chapter that talks about an imaginary aircraft I had in mind, so I found myself comparing it more closely to existing examples from the mid to late 1930s as well as some more modern ones. Came across some interesting details to incorporate that helped to paint a more accurate picture of what I was going for (and then later ended up staying up to watch The Aviator ’cause Howard Hughes’ work was one source of inspiration).

    Slow progress, but the result is so much more detailed and vivid. I usually avoid trying to go into certain kinds of detail when it comes to technology in a fantasy world, but…it was necessary in this case. “Magic” and technology utterly collide, and this becomes integral to later plot points. (And when you’re writing lines for a character who’s supposed to seem brilliant and ahead of his time…well, you kind of have to make it believable.)

    Fun but exhaustive work, I suppose.

  2. Super slow for me. One of those weeks where life managed to get in the way. I only got about 2k done for the entire week 😦 On the other hand, I still hit 40k, so getting there. I hope to get to the 50% mark by the end of the month… which I think is doable.

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