Writing Progress: Week Ending July 23, 2011

It wasn’t my best writing week ever, not by far.  But all things considered, I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished.  Here’s how I did:

Story of G:

  • New Draft Wordcount: 368 words
  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 1,548 words

Idea Journal:

  • New Story Idea Notes: 433 words

Grand Total: 2,349 words

Of course, my big accomplishment was finishing the first draft of “Story of G”.  I’m positive I’ll have this story ready to submit to the WotF contest by the close of the current quarter (at the end of September).  My goal from here on out is to continue submitting at least twice a year to that contest until such a day as either I have won it outright or am no longer eligible to enter.  Yeah, I’m aiming for the whole enchilada.  I don’t know that I actually expect to get the whole enchilada, but, well… I like enchiladas. 

In the mean time, I’ve entered my “personal quiet time” for “Story of G”.  I’ve already gotten some feedback, which I’ll look at soon.  But I need a little distance to gain objectivity, so I can edit it with the appropriate level of ruthlessness.  Thanks, everyone, who’s volunteered so far to give it a read!

Finishing the short story, however, was a given this week.  I was just so close that I barely needed any time at all to do it.  Considering everything else, though, I’m surprised I got as much other writing done. Continue reading