To Boldly Go…

I watched Atlantis lift off live today, on NASA TV.

I almost missed it; almost forgot.  Almost forgot that I wanted to watch this momentous, historic moment when the last Space Shuttle slips its earthly coil and reaches far for the heavens, for that last, great frontier.  I am grateful to my Dear Wife for sending me that link, with only moments to spare.

Later in the day, I read this memoire of Atlantis by author Cat Valente.  It is filled with poignancy and truth.

A part of my heart dies, today, with the ending of the Space Shuttle mission.  It’s a part that sometimes I forget is there.  But it’s always been there, beating away, quietly.

Like countless other little boys, I was going to be an Astronaut someday.  I was going to go to Space, or the Moon, or Mars, or somewhere.  He’s still there, the little boy who’s going to be an Astronaut someday.  He still hopes that one day he’ll grow up, and he’ll find he’s an Astronaut, and he’ll see the stars, and reach out and touch them.


I’ve talked quite a bit about Pixar on my blog recently.  So, I thought, what the heck. Why not talk about the latest thing from Pixar that’s caught my attention.

Brave Poster

Teaser Poster for Disney & Pixar's "Brave"

And that, of course, would be the forthcoming (June of 2012, so forthcoming in a year) “Brave“.

Where “Cars 2” has caused to arise in me a ginormous “meh” of indifference and disinterest, “Brave” does the exact opposite.

“Brave’, if you hadn’t yet heard, is a fantasy story set in the Scottish Highlands.  It stars Pixar’s first female protagonist, a highlander princess who yearns to be an archer.

And then, quite naturally, things apparently go wrong from there.

I won’t share what I’ve read of the plot.  (You can catch that on the Wikipedia link above.)  I suspect it’s a bit premature to talk about what’s going to happen in a movie that’s to be released a year from now.

But what excites me about this movie is manifold: first, the visuals, if that picture is to be believed, are going to be gorgeous.  I love gorgeous visuals.  Second, of course, is that the movie is quite clearly a fantasy (or fairy tale, in Disney parlance).  Third, and this one is speculative in nature, but I suspect quite strongly that “Brave” will return Pixar to its tradition of providing the total pacakge of quality story-telling, interesting characters, and thought-provoking themes

 What about you?  Is there anything you’re looking forward to, right now?