Why Pixar Works: A Funny Review of Cars II

So, this weekend past, the only Pixar movie which I actually intend to actively avoid came out: “Cars 2”.  I mentioned before that I was rather underwhelmed by the first “Cars” movie – the only Pixar movie I didn’t enjoy – and that this was the reason I don’t intend to see the sequel.

But I did read a review of the new Pixar movie that had a very amusing line that highlights why Pixar movies are so, well, awesome (and further serves to highlight why “Cars” was an aberration from their normal record), and I wanted to share it, since I’d written a few times about Pixar in the past.

In contrasting Pixar’s “Cars” to other Pixar movies, reviewer Glen Kenny talks about how, comparatively, “Cars” lacked the depth of characterization and theme that ran so strongly in through other Pixar hits, which may have led some (myself included in that number) to be disappointed that they chose “Cars” for the sequel treatment over some of their other, harder-hitting movies.  And then he said this:

But like I said: I’m relieved. Don’t get me wrong, I adored “Toy Story 3,” but the damn thing absolutely traumatized me (and my poor wife, who unlike myself does not deserve to be traumatized). So what I want right about now is a Pixar movie that IS NOT going to make me cringe and cry like a 3-year-old who’s convinced that Mommy just isn’t coming back. And “Cars 2” is that movie.

Yep.  That about sums up the Pixar oevre, “Cars” notwithstanding.  These are movies that make you feel something.  I mean, they are absolutely heavy with real emotions.  And not the typical, sappy, Hollywood-style formulaic attempts at substituting-good-looking-actors/actresses-on-screen-for-emotion.  Pixar stuff is real, it’s raw, and it hits you right in that pulpy little organ where you keep your real emotions.

That’s why Pixar movies work, and that’s what makes them so good.  And as for me, I like a movie – or a book, for that matter – that can make me feel something, authentically.

And that’s all I wanted to say about that.  Carry on.

7 thoughts on “Why Pixar Works: A Funny Review of Cars II

  1. Great insight. Personally I hope, that at least one person will feel something from having read what I’ve written. It can’t be manipulated or forced. I hope it touches on something true.

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