Writing Progress: Week Ending June 18, 2011

Another week of writing come and gone.  Here’s how it went down…

Story of G:

  • New Draft Wordcount: 0
  • Background Notes Wordcount: 0

Book of M:

  • Background Notes Wordcount: 1,485 words

Grand Total: 1,485 words

Whoa.  Compared to the revised total from last week of 3,242 words, this is way off my game (though, to be fair, well in-line with the week prior to that).  What happened?

Well, I’ve learned over the past few weeks of trying to be consistent about writing that I have a few genuinely productive days each week.  Weekends are pretty much a goner: that’s family time during the day and one-on-one time with Dear Wife in the evenings, and Sunday, in particular, is the traditional day-of-going-to-church, so it’s hard to get much writing done those days.  And, well, the weekend begins on Friday evening, so we’re back to family time and Dear Wife time on many Fridays.  That leaves Monday through Thursday as writing days.

This week, however, one whole writing day was consumed by my feverish rush to finish reading The Towers of Midnight.  Another whole writing day was consumed by a sick little B.T. who had contracted one of several various “Daycare Diseases” (and subsequently passed said disease on to Dear Old Dad… in time for Father’s Day, no less).  Another day was lost to sheer exhaustion – that’s something that just happens, sometimes, when you’ve got a toddler.  So… all in all… I’m pretty proud of the amount of productivity I wrangled out of those various challenges. 

But what’s particularly satisfying is this little nugget: although my quantity was thin, my quality was great.  Which is to say, I made a major plot break-though on some of my background planning on “Book of M”.

You see, what got me excited about the “Book of M” project, in the first place, was that I’d come up with a great set-up for the story.  The initial premise was, to my mind, exciting and intriguing.  The first third of the as-yet hypothetical book was solid, in my mind, and should pull the reader through.  The latter half, however, just seemed to lack something.  I couldn’t say what it was, but it left something to be desired.  After the initial set-up of the first third, I could easily just follow that premise to its natural conclusion… but I feared the initial excitement would just give way to the drudgery of inevitability.

What I came up with last week was a bit of backstory that’s buried way in the past.  But it’s a bit of backstory that is, by it’s nature, woven deeply into the fabric of the narrative present.  Plus, it’s a great twist on my initial narrative premise.  When I pull it out at the midway point, it should be like WHAMO! if I play my cards right.  What’s more, it delightfully explains a lot about why the world is the way I’d be making it out to be.  Or at least, I think it does all those things.  The idea isn’t fully fleshed out yet – I’ve some more thinking to do on it – but I’ve written up a basic framework for it.  Regardless, I’m excited by this new development, and I look forward to writing more this week.

As noted in the afore-linked post, I’ll be taking a short hiatus from starting reading any new books until I catch my real groove with writing again.  This week, I intend to get back to working on the first draft of “Story of G” as well as continuing on the vein I tapped last week in background development on “Book of M”.  It should be an interesting week…

So, how was your writing week?

8 thoughts on “Writing Progress: Week Ending June 18, 2011

  1. Finding those solutions to plot problems are always exciting! I think I’m close to the same point right now. I have half the new novel plotted, and I have no idea what happens in the middle. I’ll be doing some head scratching this week. So far it is lacking something (needs more conflict) as well, so I’ll be chewing over that. In the meantime, I finished a rough, long version synopsis of “the Book of Day” over the weekend. I’ll need to condense that down. It’s actually nice to switch between stories at this point when I’m not burried deep in the writing.

    • I agree, I like being able to story- and project-switch. I think it helps to keep the creative juices flowing, because sometimes I’m feeling particularly inspired about one project, and sometimes I’m dry… but when I’m dry on that project, I can generally feel myself gaining steam on another. Well, now that I’ve gone and mixed my metaphors to heck and back, I’m done.

  2. Hmm…since I’m actually *writing* my story again and not just making notes and suggestions for changes and whatnot, I can say I’m making some actual story writing progress, lol.

    Editing so far has become more…involved than I first expected, heh. Seems like I actually enjoy rewriting most of everything, just because I now see much better ways of saying things and portraying my ideas. As such, last week I improved my prologue as well as five scenes, or 2.5 chapters. (Went from a word count of 15,102 to 11,364; some sections actually went up in count while others went down.) I’ve also decided to give my chapter names, as the title will add to the overall sense of whimsy I’m going for. Another source of fun. ^_^

    I also have been reworking a scene that I’m not sure what to label as just yet, though I know I want it between my established prologue and chapter one. :/ I’ll come back to it later, though.

    • Yeah, I really enjoyed the rewriting process on “PFTETD” when I did that. Once I had the entire narrative arc complete, I too was better able to see how the pieces fit together into a coherent whole – and where some pieces were still clearly missing. I’ve found, in my case, word-count goes up in rewriting because I usually am missing pieces, and so I have to add a lot more than I take out in revising my current prose. I also went down the “multiple prologues” path, once, in the previous draft of Project SOA #1 (i.e. the novel I’ve been writing since forever). Chronologically, the first prologue was a 20K-word novelette of its own, and then… there were two more prologues after that. (The middle prologue was the first written, the second written was the first chronologically – and it was originally intended to be a stand-alone short story set in the same world but at a different time, until I realized its plot was linked to the main plot of the novel… the third was added last of all… Now, of course, there are no prologues because the whole project is on hold.) But it sounds like you’re getting a lot of great work done, and I know that’s always a great feeling! 😀

      • OMG, yes!

        Also, I’m also taking a hiatus from reading other novels until I get this 1st edit done. It’s a great way to get inspired initially, but when you’re on a writing roll (or when you need to be) it’s just seems to get in the way!

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