Still Alive

Just checking.

If you’re reading this (or checking out this awesome video* (deets)), it is because a terrible, world-crushing earthquake did not happen.

So, how are you on this fine, not-so-end-of-the-worldy day?

Just to be extra-in-your-face… I wrote this post before the world didn’t end with the full faith that it wouldn’t.  Part of me feels like a jerk, making fun of the poor folks who thought they’d be in their happy place today… but then, I’m not really making fun of them, per se, so much as… well… being alive and not killed in a massive earthquake.

The world is full of interesting beliefs and ideas and the people who believe them.  Heck, I believe in things, myself – things that can’t be proved with science** but can only be felt in the heart – and I love and enjoy the company of many other people of many faiths and persuasions and/or lacks thereof.  But sometimes, a belief is just… wrong.  Today is one of those times.

I’ll be checking in with you all again on October 21st.

Peace, love, tacos, and happy writing!


*What does it say about me that there are a ton of in-jokes in that video that you wouldn’t get unless you’d played the game this came from (and others by the same maker), and yet I get almost all of them even though I haven’t played the game?  (I want to… but games aren’t part of my regular diet, right now.)

**I love science, too, of course.  Without science, we wouldn’t have zombies or the internet, and the world would be very sad without zombies.  Yay for science!

5 thoughts on “Still Alive

  1. I do find some of these particularly extreme beliefs to be endlessly fascinating. Today I’ve been trying to imagine how you’d feel if you were completely certain that yesterday was Judgement Day – so certain that you actually quit your job, sold all your possessions and gave away your pets – only to find that it didn’t happen. What do you do next? So far I have no answer.

  2. Hey! We’re still here! Although I’m hardly surprised.

    I agree with Charlotte. While this is a day for happiness (i.e. the world didn’t get decimated by earthquakes), it is also a day for people to try and figure out what to do next—people with, in Harold Camping’s own words, “No Plan B.”

    • That’s something that makes me very curious – what do you do when you’ve committed yourself so fully to this belief, to this idea, only to have the truth pull the rug right out from under you, only to be proven disastrously wrong? That’s a scary mental place to be.

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