Sophomore Blues

A few weeks ago – in the wake of JordanCon – I had my biggest traffic weeks ever, thanks to my rundown of the events.  Then two weeks ago I posted about my first professional publication.  Then, I graduated.  High and heady times around these parts.  All very exciting.

And now, here I am, feeling the sophomore blues, so to speak.

Which is to say… I’m having trouble coming up with anything interesting or noteworthy to write about on the blog, all of a sudden.  So, in lieu of something interesting, you’re going to  have to put up with me rambling about how things are going lately and what’s on my mind…  (Continue on… if you dare…)

So, yeah… School’s out for-ever.  (B.T. gave me a silly little dancing dog toy that dances to the aforelinked song…)  As expected, a goodly chunk of my “freer” time is now being spent with family.  So instead of coming home and hitting the books (i.e. turning on computer to study) immediately (on nights when I got to come home from work instead of going straight to class), I instead come home and either I’m helping fix dinner or playing with B.T.  This is largely good because B.T. is more aware, and more demanding, than ever – and he has a fascination with computers and other electronic devices that cannot be sated.  And now that he’s walking, it’s not so easy just keeping them out of sight… if one is on he will know and he must be using it.

Graduation went smoothly… except for one little hiccup: as a Master’s Degree candidate, I was supposed to have slightly fancier robes, complete with long, goofy, Harry Potter-style wizard sleeves on my robes.  Except the school’s bookstore (which had already built a bad reputation with this particular graduating class for poor communication and a failure to deliver our orders of graduation regalia & robes until the last possible minute) fulfilled my order incorrectly and gave me the sad Undergraduate robes without the longer, cooler sleeves.  I was one of maybe a half-dozen of my MBA classmates with the wrong type of robes.  Insult was added to injury by the fact that at this particular school, apparently, Baccalaureate Business School candidates got to wear Academic Hoods – I’ve never seen bachelor’s degree students wearing Academic Hoods at any other school, so I thought it was supposed to be a special distinction for us Master’s candidates.  So graduation was slightly less cool than it should have been.

Which might go a long way to explaining this: that I must admit to having been bitten by the “gosh, I surely would like to wear a cooler, more colorful academic robe like those PhD candidates get to wear; and also some of them get cooler floppy caps instead of these flat, cardboard mortarboard hats” bug.  Okay, okay, no: I’m not really considering entering into a PhD program at this time.  I did seriously consider it about a year ago, midway through my MBA program, but I decided it wasn’t something I could put my family through at this time.  Maybe someday.  We’ll see.  But for now, that seems unlikely, due to the difficulty of foregone wages and constricted family time.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing, some… but most of my writing time has been consumed by a project that started when I asked this question.  (Confidential to Dear Wife: I beat you to the punch… 😛  Confidential to everyone else: Dear Wife thinks I’m wasting time working on the project to which I am referring rather than writing.  That may be so – we shall see – but if it results in a tool that I consider useful in my writing, I consider it time well spent.)  I’ll elaborate more on what, exactly, this writing-time-consuming project is when I’ve completed it.  If possible, I’ll reveal the results of my efforts to everyone here.  If it’s not possible to reveal the results directly, I’ll just tell you about what I’ve been working on here (and if in this case you are interested to see more you may politely inquire via the contact page and I may e-mail it to you).  At any rate, I expect to be done with this little project sometime late this week or early next.

I’ve also been contemplating a more specific answer to the aforementioned question: one which addresses the issue of public declaration of my writing progress, and how I might want to address that.  I haven’t made a final decision on if and how I’ll be approaching that.  For now, it’s moot because I haven’t written much of anything substantial over the past week (due to the aforementioned project). 

And well… that’s about all the news that’s fit to print.  Hopefully, this “sophomore slump” will be over soon, and I’ll have something a little more engaging to talk about soon.  My goal, going forward, is three posts per week: one on Monday or Tuesday, one on Wednesday or Thursday, and one on Friday, and hopefully I’ll have enough to say from week to week to support three full posts.  In the mean time: how’s life been treating you?  What have you been up to, what projects have you been working on?  If you were a planet, lunar body, or celestial object, what would you be, and why?

10 thoughts on “Sophomore Blues

  1. I will hazard a guess and say you are creating some kind of program/method for tracking writing process?

    My brain’s also a bit fried for blog topics right now, and I doubt I’ll be out of the slump until after I’m done all these edits… which, hopefully will take just a few more weeks. Still feels like forever though. No other choice but to plod through till the end!

    Ahh and a celestial body… I think I’d like to be a comet darting through space, sightseeing past planets, moons, stars, and asteroids… with my own trajectory, and not constrained by another body’s gravity.

    • That’s funny, because I’m fried for topics for the opposite reason: after being so busy all the time, suddenly I don’t have anything big going on… and now I don’t know what to say for myself. I’m sure Dear Wife would say I was a Gas Giant… heh, heh. Although, I hope what that really means is that I’m really close to becoming a star. Ideally, I’d be not just a star, but a sun: providing light and energy to a whole world. In some ways… maybe I am the sun of the worlds I write…

  2. Can’t wait to hear more of this “secret project!”

    As for me, I’m currently on a job hunt, so we’ll see how that comes along. I don’t think the reality of being done with school has quite sunk in yet, heh.

    And for projects, I’m still chugging away at the beastly WIP. Though, I have had some interest from possible beta readers to look at it when it’s done–three people now, so that’s encouraging.

    If I were a celestial object…I might be a black hole at this point. I just want to learn and soak up so much stuff, whatever I happen to come across that catches my interest, though sometimes I think I get ahead of myself, heh. Even so, I don’t like to give up on an endeavor if I can help it, so once I jump in there’s almost no turning back!

    • I hope to fully unveil this “secret project” within a few days. Hopefully it’ll prove useful to some folks. (Though, in all honesty, I’m mostly interested in its usefulness to me.) Good luck on the job hunt! It’s still a tough market out there, so I hope you find success. I thought about calling myself a black hole as well… but then I remembered how scary the idea of a black hole can be, and I decided against. You, however, must be fearless. 😉

      • Thanks!

        As for choosing a black hole…well, nothing else came to mind, so I just went with it, heh.

        And it’s too bad the graduation robes didn’t work out. I would have loved to see that! (I had a friend in high school–one of the “Top 20” students–who said he wanted to dress up as Darth Vader because our orchestra was going to play Star Wars for graduation, but then the band teacher changed his mind for the rest of us and had us play “Cowboys.” LAME. The Vader-style graduation never happened.)

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