Impending News of Awesomeness

I  have awesome news.  But I’m not going to tell you what that news is today.  No.  Because I am a terrible person.  Okay, I’m not a terrible person, but my news is so awesome that I can barely contain its awesomeness.  Which means that I cannot help but taunt you with it.

That said – be here, first thing Monday morning, to bask in the awesomeness of my news, when at last my news is fully revealed.

While you’re waiting… why don’t you share your thoughts on publicly disclosing your writing goals and reporting on your daily or weekly progress?


18 thoughts on “Impending News of Awesomeness

    • Sorry to make you have to wait until Monday. I really can’t say anything more until then… for reasons to be revealed on Monday. And hopefully my news on Monday is sufficient really to make your Monday a bit brighter. Anyway, at least I think it’s awesome… I guess I can’t gaurantee the level of awesome-content for everyone else’s tastes in awesome…

      • That might be pushing it… but… 4 am in which time zone? I’ll be posting my news at 8 am Eastern. Also… I guess it should be mentioned that technically I can share my news now – insofar as I am aware there’s no reason I can’t – but the benefits to you the reader of what my news entails cannot be enjoyed until Monday, for reasons outside my control.

      • 1. A brother/sister for BT.
        2. You’re getting published.
        3. You’re changing blogs.
        4. You’re revealing your true identity as a mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet.
        5. You’re blogging for a big-time company like NYT or the WSJ or something…
        6. Aliens?!
        7. You’re moving to Turkey?!?!?!?!?! Without telling us?! The nerve! I’ve never been so incensed in my life!!! Can you imagine anybody simply up and——

  1. Oh you’ve done it again! Hinting at awesome news and making us wait for it. LOL Well not too long until Monday I suppose! And I also have some small news, but I’m not sure when I’m allowed to say. Small (as in not novel sized) but still good.

    • Great, I look forward to your news as well! I’m rotten like that…. maybe I should just hold it in until the day of the reveal. I definitely can’t say anything “novel-sized” – now or any time soon. Someday… 🙂

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