Locked & Loaded

Well, I’ve got my map to the convention center, I’ve got my story, “PFTETD” printed out, I’ve got a 30-second novel pitch (I can read it in 28).

Plus, I’ve got a brand new hard-copy of Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings to get signed, if I can.  (Dear Wife really is good with the whole giving gifts thing.)

I’m ready for JordanCon.  Here goes nothing.

(Well… in about four hours or so.)

Addendum: These days lots of folks update witha  constant feed through twitter.  I, however, am poor.  I do not have a smartphone – because I can’t afford a dataplan.  So I will not be tweeting with real-time updates of anything… My report will be after the end of the weekend.  See you then!

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