Writing Projects and the Secrecy Thereof

It’s been a slow month for updates around these parts, lately.  It was now a month ago when I first heaved-ho for farther shores on my recent class trip, and I’ve only covered the first few days of the trip in blogging about it…  Certainly, various factors have conspired to keep me away from the keyboard of late, insofar as my blog is concerned.  Among these, of course, are the usual suspects (which are even more usual and suspect than usual): work, school, et al.  But I would be remiss in pinning all of the blame on these (even if it ought to be the majority of it… ahh, lunch-hours spent happily blogging away, how do I miss thee).  The truth of it is, even what little writing time I have had has largely been spent working on something else.

That is, I have had a “Secret Project”.

This being a writer’s blog, my mentioning of a “secret project” will immediately lead you to the conclusion that I have been writing something, but do not feel at liberty to discuss the details as yet because they have not been finalized.  That may be somewhat true-ish.  At this point, it’s done (and I can no longer claim it as an excuse), but I have chosen not to reveal everything at this time. 

But, as writers’ secret projects go, in the grander scheme of things, you may find this one a bit underwhelming.  It’s significant to me, because it means I’ve been writing, and except for this blog, I don’t often have time to do that.  And it’s significant for me for other reasons, as well. 

Suffice to say, however, that in the fullness of time all will be revealed – but for now, though I’m done writing it, I have a “Secret Project”.  Hurrah!