Where Have I Been?

Some of you may have noticed last week my complete lack of response to comments  to posts here (there were quite a few), and wondered what may have been up.  It’s even possible some few of you were worried.

Well, the following almost sums up what became of me during the week.

Yes, well, that only tells part of the story – but it’s the only part with a snazzy song sung by They Might Be Giants  and a Tiny Toons music video to go with it.  Alternately, the following could serve as an illustration of  the latter leg of my trip:

That’s right: I spent last week first in the city of Istanbul and then in that cradle of Greek Mythology (of which Clash of the Titans is something of a bastardized kin), in Athens.  It was an awesome trip.

This was part of the MBA program that I’m wrapping up this semester – the last requirement that I need to fulfill, excepting the class I’m in right now.  The school calls it an “International Colloquium”, and the goal is to learn about real business as it happens in an international context (in this case Turkey and Greece).  Which meant I spent a good amount of time there in company and agency visits learning about the business and investment climates.  But there was no shortage of site-seeing, either.  I’ll have a few pictures up later this week (my camera died upon arrival in Athens, so I’ll be waiting for a few classmates to post some pictures from that leg, but I’ll share a few gems from Istanbul momentarily).  Expect a write-up of the experience later this week or early next…

15 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

    • I try not to broadcast my travel plans ahead of time, out of a sense of protecting my home and family. But yes, it was exciting! So far, I’ve only got pictures from the Istanbul leg, but hopefully some of my classmates will start posting their pictures online somewhere (where I can swipe them) soon. If not, I may share pictures from the Istanbul leg first, then Athens in a separate post.

      • You know, like you, I’m not crazy about broadcasting my life on the internet, so I agree with you about keeping plans to yourself. In a world where TMI is becoming JEI (too much information = just enough information), I think it’s best to stick to old privacy traditions.

      • It’s partly about personal discretion, but it’s partly about paranoia – a determined person could use the internet to track down my precise address, and if they knew I wouldn’t be home it would be an opportune time to do something criminal…

  1. I should have wished you “kalo taksidi” before you left (bon voyage). It sucks that Dear Wife couldn’t come with you. I agree, it would have been more fun.

    I hope that in Athens you got to try some Greek coffee, and partook in Gyros (those mouth watering greasy heart attack in a pita…mmm..). Looking forward to photos 🙂 I’ve never been to Istanbul, but E has. One day I’ll get there.

    • Greek Coffee, as I understand it from the Greeks, is the same thing as Turkish Coffee. Either way, I don’t drink coffee, actually… so I didn’t try that. But Gyros, yes – from a street-corner vendor catty-corner to Athens’ Flea Market. They were awesome. Istanbul is well-worth the visit some day if you can manage (I intend to return with Dear Wife one day; not the least because I missed some important sights in my short time there, but also because what I did see are things I’m sure Dear Wife would love to see as well – also to Athens, of course).

  2. Sounds like you had a fun trip. Those two locations must have been very interesting to see with the events of the past year (Greece’s monetary fund issues & the protests sweeping the middle east (yes, Turkey is one of the democracies, but it must have been on people’s minds)).

    • Indeed. The former, regarding Greece, was on our minds as we planned the trip (although, interestingly, we saw no protests at all). That was one of the things we were interested in finding out about. The latter was so recent that it only came onto our radar here in the last few weeks before we were about leave. Thankfully Turkey is a stable democracy. But certainly that condition was of interest to us. However, Istanbul was not a place where we could see much evidence of that… people just seem to be too busy living their lives in Istanbul.

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