From the Dark Days to the Light at the End of the Tunnel Part 2

The years prior to when I started this blog, were filled with a series of personal disasters that served as major set-backs in my writing.  But as painful as they were to bear, they were the catalyst for some serious self-examination about the quality and direction of my work.  It’s the sort of honest self-assessment that I would advise every writer aspiring to publication to go through – though I generally don’t advise having to go through misfortune to reach that point.

This is the part where I wanted to have some easy-to-refer-t0-titles for my various writing projects, as I relate the story of my own re-examination of my writing.  From the time of the car break-in up until the point at which I started revising “PFTETD”, my baseline assumption was that I would continue to work on “Project SOA#1”.  My notebook was populated not exclusively but predominately by ideas and thoughts relating to “Project SOA #1”.  There were, to be fair, a handful of entries about potential short story ideas or novel seeds.  But I was most interested in in pursuing my long-time novel project and finally finishing that book that I’ve been writing since forever.

But somewhere between there and here, my thoughts have slowly changed.  Continue reading