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Let the Legopocalypse Begin

February 15, 2011

There’s a mini-Legoland coming to my town.

I am beside myself with squee.

That is all.




I guess I should say something more about how I love Legos, or how excited I am about the idea of having this mini-Legoland right in my own backyard.

Legos have been my favorite toy for ages.  I do think they’re pretty much the perfect toy.  They have a way of engaging the imagination that no other toy really can – not only can you tell an incredibly diverse range of stories in playing with legos – you can build anything you need to tell that story directly from your imagination.  If you’re inclined to follow instructions, Legos have great instruction sets for building pre-designed sets.  If you’re prone for letting your imagination go wild, Legos are the perfect medium for such childhood frenzies.

So… what else can I say?

Reminds me… I’ve been promising Dear Wife to download the instructions for some old Lego sets I have stored in the attic so we can break the models down (yes… I’ve kept the models intact all these years because I’d lost the instructions) and play with them.  Now that B.T. is independently mobile (You mean, I hadn’t mentioned that B.T. is mobile yet?  He is.), that’s not as great an idea as it was before…

But I still need to do it.  At nights, B.T. goes down to bed early.  It’s a perfect time for Dear Wife and I to break out the Legos and build something together.

And then, someday, I fully expect that B.T. will be as enthralled with these toys as I still am today.

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