Tidbits of Inspiration: Vive la Resistance!

I’ve held back my thoughts.  This is a writing blog.  It’s not the right place, I reasoned, to say something about this.

But today, I must say, I am inspired.  What the Egyptian people have done, using massive, peaceful protests, is nothing short of inspiring.  They’ve changed the course of history.

Sometimes, the sorts of stories we tell in epic fantasies – stories of young heroes fighting against all odds to topple villainous autocratic dark lords – are thought of as escapist fare.  It’s unrealistic.  But what we’ve been seeing unfold in Egypt, and the results they’ve achieved, are a reminder that young heroes really can topple autocratic dark lords.  It’s not a fantasy after all.

And that inspires me.  It inspires me to keep telling these tales.  Because there is something important revealed about the human character and the human condition in these epic stories.  And the Egyptians have reaffirmed vital truth.

So here’s hoping this story has the same happy ending it would have if I were writing it: with the birth of a new, free, democratic nation.  Good luck!

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