Tidbits of Inspiration: America’s Castle Age

I saw this rather fun link this morning… It’s a slide-show of some real estate properties available across the U.S. – all of them castles.  Perhaps that’s a little silly – but I’ve always wanted to live in a castle.

In fact, there’s a small castle in my neighborhood.  It doesn’t hold a candle to these American Castles, but I like to walk by with Shasta on evening walks, and take a moment to admire the gumption to build a castle in an American neighborhood.  (In all honesty, though, I feel the stonework on my local castle is somewhat lacking.  What stone there is looks like sandstone, perhaps, but it’s used in such a way that is not terribly attractive, unlike the castles in today’s link.)

Anyway… there’s something inspiring about the idea of castles, to be sure… but there’s surely something else that can be inspired by the idea of castles scattered across the American landscape… What story ideas does this inspire in you?

Happy G-Day

Groundhog’s Day, I mean.

While Punxatawney Phil digs his way out of his hole on Gobbler’s Knob (okay, not really; he didn’t see his shadow, but I suspect he’ll be in his burrow for six more weeks regardless, if the National Weather Services has anything to say about it) our local Marmot Hero, General Beauregard Lee, has predicted an early end to winter.

But, do you ever wish you could make like Bill Murray and live a day over and over and over again – until you finally get it right?

I imagine the movie probably got it right – and you’d quickly descend into insanity.  You might even try to take your own life (in increasingly outlandish ways).  But imagine – having the opportunity to become a virtuoso pianist simply by reliving the same day over and over and practicing every day until you were a master? 

Imagine, for you writers, having the opportunity to read every great book, and to practice and hone your writing skills and techniques until you were a true master – without ever losing a day!  Sure, you’d never finish your novel (at least not until you figured out how to live your life right), since you’d lose any work you’d accomplished at the start of each day.  But the skill and expertise you’d developed would be yours to keep forever.

I have to admit, when this day comes around each year, I do imagine what it would be like…