Tidbits of Inspiration: Ghost Cities

Today, another edition of “Tidbits of Inspiration”… this one is something eerie and a little frightening, in a way.

I invite you to visit… the Ghost Cities of China.

China’s an odd place, by all news accounts (full disclosure: I have never been to China).  But this is an oddity to top them all.  For reasons that are not entirely clear to me, they keep building these cities.  And despite being a country of 1 Billion+ people, yet nobody lives in these undoubtedly creepy, spooky abandoned cities deep in the heart of the country.

What strange, speculative tales could such an unusual fact inspire?  What haunting tales could these images spawn?

2 thoughts on “Tidbits of Inspiration: Ghost Cities

  1. Interesting. I would have liked to know more about the images in the photos (they don’t quite convince me they are ghost cities, since I know places that aren’t ghostly but might not have many cars around them on weekends) instead of the property bubble. Yet, it does make an intriguing bit of inspiration.

    • For what it’s worth, I got the link from the site of a writer (Jay Lake) who remarked in his post where he posted the link that he’d been through one of these cities. That, and I’ve heard bits and pieces on the news about the construction boom going on in China, and the occassional news article about whether there’s a housing bubble… but by and large I think the Chinese government doesn’t like for this sort of thing to be known or talked about, because it reflects poorly on them, so I don’t know how much info is out there on these. Nevertheless… the idea and the image of this completely abandonned city… it’s a bit spooky.

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