Most friends and family have already heard the latest news, but I thought I’d share some updates on B.T. with the blog community.

B.T. was always a great sleeper – from about five weeks of age he started sleeping straight through the nights.  But a little over a month ago he started waking up at nights, growing restless and moody at nights.  Partly this was because he got sick.  Partly it was because this was apparently normal at this age.  And partly, we believed, it was because he was teething.

Dear Wife and I were both early teethers, we learned from our parents.  So we were expecting B.T. to follow suit.  And he did not disappoint!  B.T. is now the proud owner of two shiny new pearly whites!  The teeth in question are his Anterior Central Incisors (i.e. his bottom front teeth).

Very quickly after the joining the toothy masses, Dear Wife and I made the decision to start feeding Andrew his first cereal.  We started with oatmeal and then rice meal.  Sadly, he is not yet  a fan.

Throughout this period, B.T. has continued to expand the range of his vocalizations, adding squeals of delight, the use of plosives in repeated syllables (not “da-da” or “ma-ma” as might be hoped, but something that sounds more like “bla-bla”), and some type of sound that I can only characterize as an early attempt at singing – a long, sustained vowel sound that he occasionally varies in pitch.

He’s also become quite interested in the world around him.  He now reaches out to get the toys and things he wants.  Usually, when he successfully achieves grabbing it, the toy or object of interest goes straight to the mouth. 

Interestingly, he loves standing.  With help, that is.  He hates being on his belly, and I’m concerned he won’t learn to crawl because he’s not interested in doing anything when he’s on his belly, but he seems intent on learning how to stand, and I imagine walking doesn’t come too long after.

Yes, these are exciting times.

6 thoughts on “Milestones

    • That’s what everyone warned me… One minute you’ve got this little tyke who’s totally dependent on you for his existence… the next he’s contemplating his college major. I’m surprised by how fast it actually is.

  1. Wow! They grow up fast…Before we know it, B.T. will be blogging! 😀 lol

    Have you started him on another language? With a linguist like you for his dad, B.T. could turn out to be quite a polyglot…

    • It’s true! They grow just as face as you’ve heard they do! Unfortunately, you give me too much credit. 😦 I enjoy studying languages and how languages are structured… but I only actually know one language fluidly. At one time I was somewhat conversant in French… but over the years I’ve lost most of what I knew of that tongue. That said… I feel no qualms about using words from other languages in from of my son. We have a few plush blocks for him to play with… several of them have numbers or colors listed in English, French, and Spanish. I really do hope he grows up to multilingual. 🙂 (I hope I grow up to be multilingual, too 😉 )

      • (I hope I grow up to be multilingual, too) lol, ditto. I wish I’d been brought up with multiple languages in my head. Is there anyone you know who could come over occasionally and just converse with him in another language? I imagine that would help.

      • I know few people who are fluent in another language, but none that I know well enough to do something like this. That, and currently I don’t have the time to hobnob with English as much as I’d like (i.e. writing) with all that’s going on, so cozying up to another language is a luxury for another, less hectic day.

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