Weekend Assignment: Lone Wolf, Pack Animal

The latest Weekend Assignment poses an interesting question:

Some people are happiest when they’re part of a group. They may be leader of the pack, or actively contribute to the group’s efforts, or simply hang out with the others for companionship, and any scraps they may get. Other people are more the lone wolf type: the explorers, the loners, given to solitary effort and independent thought. Where do you prefer to function in human society: as part of a group, or your own, or in some combination of the two?

Extra Credit: Is there a group with which you’re currently affiliated that is especially important to you? What is your relationship with that group?

Growing up, I was often the odd man out.  I had few close friends.  I was always the last picked for any sports team.  I was relatively unpopular, because the things I was good at – studying and doing well in school and trying to expand my knowledge of the world – were not things that made the list on “how to win friends and influence people“.  Add to that a relatively uneven self-image (I was a scrawny kid, lacking in physical prowess, and I wasn’t what I would consider photogenic; albeit, I didn’t really care about those things, either).  Consequently, I was frequently a loner.  I’d spend time in books, or making up my own stories, or drawing, or otherwise engaging my imagination. Continue reading