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Weekend Assignment: Magic Button

September 22, 2010

I’m a little late to the party this week… but here’s my response to this Weekend’s Assignment

If you could have a magic button that would do one particular thing for you, up to once a day, what would that function be?

Extra Credit: Would your answer to the above change if it were a person doing the task (for free and without complaint, using ordinary human abilities) rather than a magic button?

That would be an easy one to answer.  There’s one ability that I always come back to, time and time again, one function that I always wish I had access to.

If I had a magic button, it would stop time.  Heck, I’ll even give myself a limit on it.  Let’s say it stops time for only three hours (though I’d surely take longer, but let’s be modest in our impossible wishes, shall we?).  I figure there’s got to be a time-limit because I only get one button-press a day, but if I press the button and stop time, then I don’t get to press it and start time again until the next day, except that since time is stopped it’ll never be the next day so time would stay stopped forever…

Anyway, rambling aside, what would I do with it?  Most probably, in all honesty, I’d hit it every morning… and sleep in an extra hour-and-a-half.  Then, for the next  hour and a half, of course, I’d write.  Because, right now, I don’t have anywhere near the amount of time I’d like, but with even an extra hour or so per day, that’d increase my writing output by some exponentially huge amount.  I’m not talking double (that’d assume I already have an hour per day for writing).  I’m talking something like ten times the writing output or more, because, yeah, I have that little writing time today (it’s basically near 0 minutes per day, on average, and that’s when I cheat and block off writing time that I don’t really have). 

As for the extra credit… well… since it’s still impossible for a person to do this for me (whether I pay him or her or not), I can’t really answer that.  Or, obviously, it’d have to change.  In that case, I guess I’d have someone who’d do all our yard and house work for us, leaving Dear Wife and I a little freer with our time.

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  1. September 23, 2010 1:31 am

    Uh-oh! You found the logical flaw in the Assignment as written. I should have allowed for an “unpress” function to end the effect of whatever pressing the button does in the first place. Thus, if it’s a stop time button, it’s like the pause button on an old cassette recorder. It sticks in the down position, and time is stopped. Then one returns the button to the up position, completing the once a day action. Hey, if I have to change the rules to make my own entry work, then I’m going to! 😉

    But I like your disciplined approach to the same basic answer I gave, with a finite amount of extra sleep and a finite amount of extra writing time. I’m afraid I was much more greedy about both.

    • September 23, 2010 8:45 am

      Heh. It’s only a logical flaw if the ability you choose for the button is to stop time! 😉 I wanted to be more greedy, though, sure. Heck, I may as well, sticking to the rules here, go for six hours! Plenty of extra sleep and writing time! Or, take your flexible version – which is what I was initially assuming when I started writing – and just let me unpress whenever I’m ready!


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