Okay… so… if you’re into, you know, ebooks… and if at the same time you somehow follow me instead of actual famous people, and still further if the phrase “unicorn pegasus kitten” somehow piques your curiosity, and yet again also if you are a human being and therefore the sworn enemy of disease and illness, then there is a chance, however microcosmic, that you have not yet heard of “The Clash of the Geeks” and yet will be interested in the same.

If you belong in that category of the as-yet uninformed, allow me to say this: this is a free e-chapbook full of strange stories about an image of Wil Wheaton (i.e. Wesley Crusher of Star Trek: TNG fame) and John Scalzi (i.e. sci-fi author of bookshelf fame) locked in some kind of mortal combat – the former bestride said “unicorn pegasus kitten” with a lance and the latter as an orc.  The book is free, but the creators are collecting donations in return for their ridiculous efforts for the benefit of the Lupus Alliance of America, an organization dedicated to helping those afflicted with Lupus.

Therefore, if this is actually news to you (and let’s be frank, chances are, it’s not, but hey, there you go) and you’d like to help the fight against Lupus, then you should get thee hence to to score  yourself a copy of the ebook and to make your donation.

You have been warned…