Story Time

One of the true joys of fatherhood is story time.

As I may have mentioned here before, my wife knits.  She’s in the process of knitting a great stuffed toy for our little B.T., and she already knit an awesome stuffed dragon for him.  The dragon – I call him Dinkywings the Dragon, on account of his undersized wings – has already been the center of several story times for B.T.  Dinkywings (in all honesty, he, she or it has gone through several name revisions, and I haven’t told Dear Wife yet that I’ve started using Dinkywings) has been both terrifying, fire-breathing monster destined to be overthrown by hand-knights with finger-lances as well as a loveable, bumbling dragon-friend.  Of course, Dinkywings fits the mold of the latter better – so I suspect more of the adventures B.T. and Dinkywings will have together will be as comrades rather than adversaries – which is at it should be. Continue reading