Weekend Assignment: Back to School

It’s time for another edition of “Weekend Assignment“:

In just a couple weeks, students will be heading back to school. Share with us what that means in your life. Are you currently shopping for school supplies for the students in your life? Are you planning on going back to school? Maybe everyone around you is rushing to get ready for the new school year, but you can sit back and relax. Tell us what that’s like.

Extra Credit: Tell us what you liked the most and disliked the most about the first day of school!

Dear little B.T., of course, is still new to the world – he won’t be heading “back to school” for many years yet.  You know, he’s got to go to school for the first time before he can go back to school.  I sometimes try to imagine what that day will be like… but except for the fact that he’ll be older and speaking relatively coherent English, I suppose rather little will have changed.  Continue reading