Further Apologies

No “Writing Quote” today.  I’m still decompressing from the end of the semester, and besides that I’ve been busy in other venues…

It’s going to take a little while to get back up to full speed.  In the mean time… The post immediately below this one is a fun little story – a tale of King Arthur and Grail Quests and… other things.  Check it out.  See you all next week!

4 thoughts on “Further Apologies

    • I mostly just hit the internet for quote ideas. There are a few sites that have collections of quotes that I’ve visited several times to pick my weekly quote, one of which is called quotegarden.com (that’s the one I’ve visited and pillaged most frequently).

  1. I know the feeling, I’m in a similar downshift on my blog. Sluggish, hard to post creative things, unmotivated, losing steam…blaaaaaah 😦 I don’t blame you. 😀

    • Well, it’s not for lack of things to talk about or desire to talk about them, around here, for the most part. Mostly, rather, it’s a plain old lack of time to talk about them. That, and the semester just used up all my juice… and I’ll have to take time over the next couple of weeks to build up a buffer of posts going forward… (which I’ll almost certainly use up almost as soon as the new semester starts in a few weeks).

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