Friday Flash: Once and Future…

So, here’s today’s Author Aerobics, and Friday Flash.  The challenge today was:

The challenge: Take a stereotype, cliché, or topic that’s been done to death, and write a scene (1000 words or less) that infuses a fresh spin on things. The theme: sparkle? hah just kidding! “Thirst”

Okay, no, I didn’t write about vampires, but I think I’ve got some unique takes here on a few common fantasy tropes.  It’s a little long for “Flash” fiction, at 1,788 words, but I rather fancy it anyway.  So, enjoy:

Once and Future…

By: Stephen A. Watkins, Jr.

“Where are we now?” Rob tried to gain his bearings after the world stopped spinning. He was in a green, grassy field on a gray morning.  The field was dotted with trees and studded with the rubble of ancient walls, the ruins of some gothic edifice.  Mist swirled through the arched portals, over broken masonry, and around the tall, leafy oaks and flowering hawthorns.  He glanced over at his companion, a man who looked to be in his mid-thirties or early-forties.  He had a week’s growth of beard, streaked with the first hints of gray, in a thick, hooded sweater embroidered with stars and a monogram in some kind of wingding font. Continue reading