Stuff Happens

So, throughout the summer, I’ve been on a bit of what I call a “hiatus” where my posting has been lessened.  Prior to this hiatus, I had a pretty consistent daily posting schedule with only a few interruptions for extenuating events.  But the summer has been one long, extended, extenuating event.

That ends today.

But what I can’t say ends, for sure, is this hiatus.  There’s still too much for me to do to handle it all with equal vigor.

That said, although my summer semester technically ends today, I, of course, write these things ahead of time, and that means that between today and tomorrow, I’m basically taking off with regards to blog posts.  Maybe I’ll be back with a story on Friday… One can only hope 🙂

13 thoughts on “Stuff Happens

    • Yeah, and you’re getting ready to ship off to school, soon, too, right? As for story: Me too! Writing stories is kind of a necessary release for me… At the same time, though… I need a bit of a break, just from all the stuff that has to get done. It’s been rough…

  1. I have done the same regarding my review blog. It is time consuming and demands a drive, which I did not possess once the shifts [day/night] started at my job, so I closed it down and had guest reviewers fill in to maintain a small pulse. Now I am launching it back with new content and a new look. It’s very easy to get caught up in the daily posting and it really sucks you dry, when time is scarce. And even though the blog is about you, you feel obligated to your readers. It’s good to announce such things, since blogging is interactive.

    OKAY, shutting up now.

    • Very right. That’s why I felt the need to post this… I feel a sort of obligation to my readers. Afterall, my long-term goal is to blog as a way of connecting with readers who are also paying customers (i.e. I being a published author and they buyers and readers of my work, predominately)… and if they’re paying for my stuff, I kind of will have an obligation to them. May as well get used to the idea now, while I can still count my regular readers on two hands 😉 Anyway, clarity, transparency, and openness never hurt anyone!

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