Un-Assignment: Not An Op-Ed

This week’s Weekend Assignment asks us to write an “op-ed” and tell our opinion about something:

Weekend Assignment #330: Op-Ed

Time to flex your writing muscle again, because for this week only, the Weekend Assignment blog is being changed to The Weekend Assignment Chronicle! Now, we need some Op-Eds to make things a little more interesting around here. Your assignment is to pick a current event and write your opinion regarding it. Anything goes. Write about politics, the economy, or maybe even your opinion about an incident in pop culture. It’s all good. It’s good to exchange opinions, especially when it’s done with respect. So, feel free to speak up here!

Extra Credit: Do you read the Op-Eds? Yes? No? Tell us about it!

And, guess what?  I have opinions.  About many different things!

And… I’m going to pass.  Because, yeah, I have strong opinions about important issues of our day.  And sometimes, maybe I fear exposing those opinions because I don’t want to stir controversy, or because I fear what others will think if they know my opinions.  But I’ve done it before, publicly.  I’ve shared my opinions on big topics here and in other public fora. Continue reading