Weekend Assignment: Lost & Found

Just a short note today, in answer to the latest Weekend Assignment. This week’s prompt asks:

Have you ever lost something important (or else just really unusual), only to find it again months or even years later? Were you glad to get it back, or was it no longer worth having by then? Tell us your tale of memorable things lost and found. Alternatively, if you never, ever lost anything important, tell us how you manage this nearly superhuman accomplishment. ūüėČ

Well, of course, I’ve lost things.¬† Sometimes they were just misplaced.¬† Once or twice I’ve had something stolen.

The most prominent example of when I’ve lost something, only to find it again later, is when I lost my copy of the “Jurassic Park” soundtrack.¬† I’m very protective of (and fond of) my music, and especially of soundtracks from great fantasy and science fiction films, so it was a pretty traumatic loss to me at the time.¬† It was while I was still in High School that it happened.¬† My family had gone on vacation – we used to go camping as often as we were able – and I took along this CD and my boombox (does that date me?) for a little musical entertainment on the camping trip.¬† I love camping.¬† But communing with the great outdoors doesn’t mean you have to do it in silence!

Anyway, when we got back home, the CD was nowhere to be¬†found.¬† I was devastated.¬† It was pretty much my favorite piece of music at the time (and my first movie soundtrack).¬† And I was thereafter denied such listening pleasure.¬† A year or two later, I got a new copy of the CD as a birthday present.¬† In a twist of cruel irony, within a month, I rediscovered my original “lost” copy.¬† From then on, I had two copies of the soundtrack.¬† I never told anyone this but my wife, because I was too embarrassed that I had merely temporarily misplaced my CD – and worse, that it had been in the very bag I had packed with my clothes during that years-past camping trip the whole time – and had so pined for it miserably when I should’ve just looked harder.

Having that second copy turned out to be¬†fortuitous, as it happens.¬† Because I more recently (in the past couple years) lost a whole case of some ten or twenty CDs – one of my copies of that “Jurassic Park” soundtrack inclusive.¬† By this point, however, my musical preferences had moved on to the entire “Lord of the Rings” soundtrack – and all three of those CDs were also lost.¬† I suspect I left the case in my old car when I sold it a little over a year ago (even though said car had no CD player) but I can’t really be sure.¬† I’ve replaced most of those lost CDs, however, and I am now primed to rediscover the lost CD case in some embarrassingly obvious place.

Now, the story of when I had something stolen is altogether another story, entirely Рand as a writer, a sadder one by far.  I may have relayed that tale somewhere here the blog pages already, but if not, it remains a story for another time.

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