Friday Flash: Bright Hands

I don’t know if this is my strongest piece ever, it was a little experimental (on my part) and a little rushed (under the circumstances, vis-a-vis having virus-interrupted access this week), but here’s my answer to this week’s Author Aerobics challenge:

This week’s challenge: Write an action scene (1000 words or less). The theme “light”.

I wasn’t really clear on my direction, in this story.  I was struck by the idea in the opening paragraph, so I just kind of ran with it.  Frankly, for an action scene, I could do better…

Bright Hands

By: Stephen A. Watkins, Jr.

Taruth reached out and grabbed a beam of light.  It pulsed and writhed in his hands, glowing warm and incandescent.  Around him, beams and shards of light were dancing, shimmering, exploding.  The battle was not going well.  He ducked, gripping the beam tightly, trying to find a little cover in the long grass.  His hands worked quickly.  He bent the beam of light in his hands, twisted it, weaving it into a long oval shape, nearly the length of his body.  A shield.  Another shaft of light became a long spear. Continue reading


Daily Update and a “Birkman” Correction…

So, dear friends and regular readers, you’ll notice that there’s no story posted this morning for Friday Flash and the Author Aerobics.  It’s been quite the week here, but not in the normal way.  I got hit by a nasty virus – the digital kind, not the organic kind – first at home and then at work.  (Same one, incidentally, and several other people at work got hit by the same one.)  So that had me down-and-out, computer-wise for the past couple days.  Luckily I had finished writing the posts on using the Birkman as a writing tool over the past couple of weeks, so they were ready to go.  But whether I can get a story up today will depend on how the afternoon goes today – particularly around the lunchish time of day – now that I have a working computer again.

Speaking of those Birkman posts from earlier this week – I had a wonderful conversation with the folks at Birkman International yesterday, and I learned something regarding a part of the Birkman that I had expressed a little confusion over in those posts: specifically the “Action” score and how it relates to me.  I had expressed my feeling that I thought myAction score was too high – that I’m not impulsive by nature.  And it’s true that I’m not.  But after discussing this with the friendly people at Birkman, I realized that my “Needs” score on Action was very low – implying that I “Need” opportunities to reflect and plan before springing into action.  But, once I have a plan, I want to go and just do it, I don’t want to waste time.  The explanation hit home with this anecdote: “It’s like, when I go to the store, I’d rather park in a parking space farther away from the door and walk there than just drive around waiting for a closer spot.”  Bingo.  That’s me to a tee, for certain.  I do that all the time.  Basically, it suggests that I already have a “plan” to go to the store.  So, my “needs” are met, and now it’s time to do something about it.   Honestly, I hadn’t thought of it in that way, but with that helpful explanation, it’s a bit clearer to me, now, so I thought I should pass that on, lest I leave the same confusion with any of my readers here.  (To read my series on the Birkman, here is Part 1, and here is Part 2.)

Well, now I return you to your regularly-scheduled blogging.  Maybe I’ll even have a story for you all, later!