Personality Tests: “Birkman” for Writers (Part 2)

So, yesterday (link goes to Part 1, yesterday; there is also an addendum here) I began by talking about this personality test I learned about during my MBA called the “Birkman”.  I think from that post it’s pretty clear that I’m generally dubious of personality tests, in general, but I’ve discovered in the Birkman a tool with a lot of flexibility and a little more honesty about the complex creatures that we are.  And I said I’d go into more detail about how this tool can be used by a writer.

I’ve been excited to write this post for weeks now, but I knew it would be a big topic, and one that would require a lot of background and explanation.  With as busy as I’ve been these past few weeks, I just hadn’t had the opportunity to do this topic justice.  But here it is, at last!  Warning… this is a massive post… with a lot of detail.  Good luck reading it! Continue reading