I Write Like…

Many of you have probably already seen the “I Write Like” site and played with it.  Initially I wasn’t interested, because I didn’t think it would tell me anything interesting.  Well… I’m still not interested, and no, it didn’t tell me anything interesting, except perhaps that there’s nothing meaningful there to tell.  I “analyzed” nine different stories, and here were my results: one was like H.P. Lovecraft, one like Cory Doctorow, one like Ursula K. LeGuin, three were like James Joyce, and one each were like David Foster Wallace, Harry Harrison, and Raymond Chandler all three of whom I’ve never even heard of (although I should have heard of Harrison, since he’s a sci fi writer who’s story was the basis for the film “Soylent Green”).

If there were any remotely truthful grain to this silly little internet meme, I’d have to worry about myself.  Nobody reads James Joyce by choice – so writing like James Joyce is  hardly a compliment.  On the other hand… is it good that of my nine stories, four said I was like a sci fi, fantasy, or horror author?  I imagine… if I wrote a dozen more stories and “analyzed” them, I’d come up with at least a half-dozen more authors not already on this list. 

Of course… I suspect nothing but amusement was meant to be gained from this… I just take some things too seriously, I guess.