Weekend Assignment: What’s Hot? What’s Cool?

Yes, we’re knee deep in Summer, and the Northeast (not where I live)  is now like a well-done burger left on a Fourth of July Barbecue for too long.  And the grass is always greener on the other side, as they say, so our thoughts turn to how to stay cool in our warmer climes.  And here comes this week’s Weekend Assignemt to ask:

Summer is well underway now. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the days are long and the sun is on its way to being about as hot as it gets in your particular climate. How do you stay cool when the weather gets hot?

Well, of course, I stay cool by being cool.  Because I’m cool.

But enough about me.

You’re here because you want to know about all of the cool stuff I say and do here.  Like, how cool is my writing?  And how cool is Fantasy and Sci Fi?  Oh… wait… that’s not what this Weekend Assignment is about at all, is it?

Maybe this is supposed to be about how I hit the beach every summer, or go the pool each week.  Well… I’m a desk-jockey and evening MBA student.  No beach for me!  (Perhaps more’s the pitty.)  And, I can’t swim.  (Dear Wife has threatened on numerous occassions to make me take swimming lessons after I finish my MBA, if for no other reason that to equip me to rescue drowning children.)

Is it about how I use AC?  I use AC.

Bam!  Instant cool.

(Thanks to B.T., we actually have to keep it cooler in our house than we normally would, because we don’t want the poor tyke to overheat.)

Or maybe this post should be about how Dear Wife and I like to take weekend trips – when time permits (which it usually doesn’t) – up to the mountains, where it’s cooler (and where the views are much cooler) to get away from it all. 

Well, to be honest with myself… I’m quite frankly not sure what to make of this topic.  Mostly, I’m stretching, here.

But you know what is cool, these days?  Steampunk.  So… tomorrow I’m gonna drop some Steampunkery on y’all.  Stay tuned.

33 thoughts on “Weekend Assignment: What’s Hot? What’s Cool?

  1. Wow Stephen. How random was that! lol

    The AC is definitely the American’s best friend.

    I don’t like the beach much. So I don’t pity you much.

    Staying cool for me is staying inside out of the BLAZING sun, or sitting in the shade with my tongue hanging out. I don’t know where I got this habit…it’s rather doggish I think.

  2. Ahh yes very random. LOL I thought this post would be about what’s hot in publishing right now & writing with the market in mind.

    Pretty much no one has AC at home, but it’s always chilly at work so even in summer I come with a sweater. In fact I’m shivering right now.

    I stick to the shadows, and beneath the trees when it’s sunny. Too bad parasols are not in fashion or I’d carry one around with me. Ice cream also helps, but I ate hot noodle soup for lunch yesterday, with my sweatshirt zipped up, shivering. That’s my contribution to the randomness 🙂

    • Your contribution is accepted and approved.

      It seems the farther north you go, the less likely people will have AC in their homes. It just doesn’t seem to get hot enough up there to warrant it, I guess. Although the people in New York seem to have been regretting that, of late. Does it get hot, much, in Vancouver?

    • Parasols? Go for it, T.S. Who ever said that writers stick to the trends of this fickle world?

      Eating hot soup in the dead of summer with a sweatshirt is very random. How brave. How very brave.

      Why do I feel like a panel of stuffy judges deciding what’s random and what’s not? lol

      • I agree… go for the ‘sol. It’s very Steampunk. And Steampunk is cool.

        And I’m talking about Steampunk in my post tomorrow.

        Therefore, it only makes sense that you use a parasol.

      • You can’t go wrong with steampunk. I think you should do it Tessa. “Maybe you’ll start a trend.” (Famous last words, right? ha ha ha)

      • About the hottest it usually gets here is 30 Celsius or 86 Fahrenheit. It’s not too hot considering the usual ocean breeze, but winters also never gets that cold either. We usually don’t get more than a few inches of snow.

        Oh I would start a trend, if only I could find a decent parasol around here. An umbrella just won’t substitute. 😉

      • I believe so. My mom used to have one made out of lace & lattice work. It was white (I believe they are typically white). I haven’t seen anything quite like it since. I thought it was rather odd when I was a kid, and I didn’t want to use it, of course. The irony!

      • Forgive me for jumping out of the conversation. This witty banter is more than I can take. :-p

        Leave it to Bloggers to take a weekend assignment about keeping cool and turn it into a discussion on…parasols(?!).

        And I think a parasol typically requires lace.

        I think T.S. should SO TOTALLY go for the parasol. I can see it on a New York fashion runway.

      • Frankly, I’m pleased with where this discussion has taken us… because I didn’t feel inspired, at first, by the topic, the back-and-forth was a welcome breath of fresh air. 🙂

        Keep up the good work!

        I could see parasols taking their place as part of a nouveau chic look… I don’t think they’d look very much like Victorian-era parasols these days. They’d be more stylized or something… more smooth lines and clean curls than the fiddly-bits of lace.

      • I think you’re right-on about how the parasols would be styled. Definitely a little less complicated than they used to be.

        How about plaid? With a matching handbag?

  3. Hi Stephen

    I LOVED this response! I enjoy it when you guys think outside the box, and really go with it! You’re absolutely correct… YOU ARE COOL! Thanks so much for your participation!


  4. Don’t have AC either; but we live in a wine cellar. Also, it rarely gets that warm unless we travel over the central mountains. (A warm day here is 25 C; this past week we’ve barely hit 20).

      • San Francisco, CA; actually I live on a small island in the bay across from Oakland (Island is a little more romantic than it sounds (it was a pennisula (swedes call them half islands) that they dredged so they could build a marina), but I can walk to two blocks to the beach.

        It is odd living here sometimes. During summer, the marine layer comes in most days so we are overcast until around noon when the sun burns it off and then the clouds come in again overnight (on real warm days you can see the clouds creep over the coastal hills just prior to sunset). No rain from end of Spring until late fall.

      • Nice. I visited San Fran once, several years ago. I sort of did a solo walking-tour from Fisherman’s Wharf most of the way (but not quite all the way) to the Golden Gate. I didn’t get out to see Alcatraz, which I regret, or all the way to the bridge, because I was a little pressed for time. But it was pretty cool to see, and even in summer the weather seemed very nice.

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