Weekend Assignment: Fantasy Camp

Weekend Assignment this week asks to imagine myself the keynote speaker at a “fantasy camp”…

Guess what? You have been offered the chance to be the keynote speaker at a world famous fantasy camp! Great! Tell us what kind of camp it is, and what makes you such an expert!

So… what am I an expert in?

I guess that would be… Fantasy!

So, yes, if I were suddenly transported to a magical world where I was an invited guest-speaker and an expert in anything, it would be something to do with the fantasy and speculative fiction genres.  So, the “fantasy camp” in question would probably be some kind of convention where I’d be a panel-speaker or some-such as that.  There are a lot of real-world sci-fi-themed conventions, but I’d have to be at one that was slanted slightly more toward the fantasy end of the spectrum.   Likewise, it could be a fantasy-themed writer’s convocation, or a writing workshop of some sort.   Why it would have to lean more toward fantasy than sci-fi gets to the second part of the question: why am I an expert?

That, obviously, is because I primarily write fantasy stories.  Sure I’ll dabble in sci-fi and other speculative genres, but fantasy is my mainstay.  Not only is it what I primarily write, though, it’s also what I primarily read, when given the opportunity to read.  So, in an ideal world, I’d be both very widely read in fantasy and a published author in the same genre.  Those two notes of cred would make me an ideal “invited guest speaker” at just such an event.

In the meantime, and in the real-world… I’ll continue doing what I do best, and hobble away at my keyboard churning out stories that I hope are worth reading… As I continue to improve the latter part of that equation will be more and more true, and over time, this idealized “fantasy” world may just come close to touching on reality!