Friday Flash: The Steed and the Page Boy

So, I says to myself the other day: “Self!  There are far too few dragons here on your site.  Why are there not more dragons?”

And then Bazelli goes and posts this prompt for the week:

The challenge: Keep one emotion in the forefront of your mind while you write a scene (1000 words or less) but do not tell us what that emotion is. The story should speak for itself. The theme this week: “flight

And what do you suppose I’m supposed to do with that?  Oh wait.

So, here’s this week’s Friday Flash, coming at you at 1,266 words.

The Steed and the Page Boy

By: Stephen A. Watkins, Jr.

Valigash surveyed the burning fields and the ranks of the fallen.  The assault against Dethlak’s horde had turned into a route, and even Valigash himself had not emerged from the debacle unscathed.  He limped as he picked his way through the corpses, searching for some sign of his companion, Hibold.  Here and there, the moans of the fatally injured rose to Valigash’s ears, but he could spare them no comfort.  Where the ground was not trampled, grass blackened by fire still flickered and glowed .  Smoke drifted through the air on oily currents.  Hibold lived, if only barely, and Valigash would need to find him if anything from this day would be salvaged.   Luckily, Dethlak’s horde had withdrawn – though victorious they were not without heavy losses.  Yet, time was short.  So Valigash searched. Continue reading