Editorial Response

I promised that I’d let everyone know what the response was on the story I submitted once I got it back.

Well, journey thou hither to learn the results.


I’ve followed the autobiographical story of author Tobias Buckell’s breaking-in to the novel writing world with great interest.  And since reading his latest installment, “The Value of Friends“, I’ve been thinking about the idea of my “cohort” of fellow speculative-fiction writers.

A “cohort” of writers, as suggested in Tobias Buckell’s piece, are a group of writers who are familiar with each other and who break-in to the industry roughly as a group.  They are writing contemporaries.  As mentioned in his article, the cohort is a supportive community who help each other and encourage each other.  There’s no formal delineation.  It’s a pretty ad-hoc organization. Continue reading