Hiatus Monday

Well, this sucks.  It’s Monday again.

That means another Hiatus day here at “The Undiscovered Author”.  I hate days like these.

In more interesting news, we are now one week and a day until my self-imposed short-story submission deadline.  It looms!  More news to come.  Fingers crossed that I make it!

4 thoughts on “Hiatus Monday

  1. Wow, exciting stuff! 😀 I’m in the process of writing a query letter to begin “Getting published.” (read: Starting to starting to get maybe published, lol) I imagine it’s different for short stories. I also imagine it’s much easier to publish a short story than a novel.

    I wish you well! 🙂


    • It is exciting!

      I’m not quite 100% done with the draft, yet. I’ve made all the changes, but I did so in “track changes” mode, so I have to go through the draft, now, and clean it all up to make sure the changes are what all what I want. Then I need to put it into proper manuscript format. I’ve already drafted my cover letter, now. So I’m almost there!

      As for short stories versus books – I’ve never tried to get a book published (yet) but in my (very limited) experience the short story market is pretty cut-throat (in the sense that there’s a lot of “product” out there in a very crowded market… you have to be really good to rise to the top of the slush pile and make it out alive).

      So, soon(ish), I’ll find out if I’ve got what it takes to make it in that marketplace, or if it’s back to the drawing board.

      After I’ve been doing this for a while – if I can make it in the short story market – I’ll see about taking the next steps to applying myself in the novel markets. If and when.

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