A Minor Change in Format

Okay, I’m checking in quickly, today, to check your reaction to a minor change in the format of the blog, here. I’ve added a link to the upcoming sister-blog to this one (i.e. the one that’s actually named after me: “Stephen Watkins, Writer” – which currently only has the “inaugural” post from when I set that blog up back in April), as well as a a twitter feed to my latest twitter posts (which currently are only twitterfied versions of my blog titles, but in some theoretical future may include other things).

The question I’m asking: does this make my side-bard look too cluttered?

What I’d like to do, ideally, is remove the navigation links (to the Pages and Categories) on the sidebard and replace them with something else; but for that to work, I’d like to see drop-down menus for the category and page tabs you see across the top enabled for this theme: a probability that currently isn’t in the cards, so far as I can see. But if that were to come to pass, that would free up some space for these feeds, and I could do a lot to clean up the blog.

Anyway, I’ll share more about what I’m trying to do in a post later this week. Stay tuned until then. For now, have a poll:

Hiatus Monday

Well, this sucks.  It’s Monday again.

That means another Hiatus day here at “The Undiscovered Author”.  I hate days like these.

In more interesting news, we are now one week and a day until my self-imposed short-story submission deadline.  It looms!  More news to come.  Fingers crossed that I make it!